Crawling out from under the darkness and from under the snow!

Winter keeps on going. We're enjoying it while it lasts.

Out and about.

We're starting to wake up at above zero temperatures.

Robin is getting the hang of the skis.

The sacred wood pile. We've had this pile since the beginning of winter. It is super dry wood. We've kept it for emergency heat. So far we haven't needed it yet. All our preparations have worked out well in surviving this near arctic winter.

Working away at the igloo.

The snowman we made in November is still standing, with some added snow too.

It is warm in the sun while making trails in the snow. I can take my coat off and still be warm.

All the trail making has cleared the path of the swing. It's back in use by Jasmine.

All the snow scooping has resulted in a nice high pile of snow to jump over.

The first outdoor picnic of the year.

Robin is checking the weather to see if it's time for shorts yet.

Jasmine the snow princess.

Cheyenne and Jasmine have found a precious commodity: soil.

Robin is not to be left behind on the exploration.

Blowing bubbles with Vincent. It is almost cold enough for the bubbles to freeze in midair.

Vincent is under attack.

Snack time at the igloo. Jasmine wears the hairbow made by her sister Sara.

A moment of peace in the setting sun.

Down hill skiing on Moose Mountain.

At the top of the slopes.

There goes Cheyenne.

There goes Jasmine.

In the cabin.

Cheyenne made this sign at the start of the bookwriting process.

The final chapter (that is: the first draft of the final chapter)...

Surprise boxes. A box from Gabby and her mom, and a box from our editor Caroline.

Lots of fun and education in Gabby's box! Thanks!

Books, activity kits and some candy. Thanks Caroline!

Special delivery for Bill: an alternator for the bus. Thanks Tom and Margie from Deer Island, Oregon!

And there it is.

Stuffy stable.

How to spend an hour. Do I spend it on updating the website, (re)writing the book, the housekeeping, time with the girls and/or with Bill, other logistics concerning the book, selecting pictures for inside the book, or any of the other pieces of the book writing puzzle? It is amazing to realize how time consuming the book process is. It is also amazing to see it come together. Little by little but surely so.

All chapters are with the profreader now. The first ten we've already gotten back. For those we're putting the pictures together. The design for the dust jacket is in the process of revisions. Since most of the logistics, front- and back end of the book are my tasks, Bill has his hands free to start on the bus. A project he's happy to indulge in.

Everything mechanical, electrical and brake wise is going to be replaced, renewed or otherwise upgraded.

The grill has been removed, and the radiator is pulled out.

The girls are right there with him when he pulls the brake booster off.

Robin and Jasmine help Bill organize his tools.

With Dad under the bus.

Arctic man...

Robin checks the strenght of the engine pulley.

The engine is out. It's been temporarily parked in front of the bus. And that was a good thing, since the bus moved two feet forward after the engine was pulled out and had a run-in with it.

The new engine is well on its way to make it from North Carolina to Alaska. Our thanks goes to:

  • George Bickel of Cylinder Head Specialities in Wake Forest, North Carolina, for fixed the new engine;
  • Dave Jeffreys of Raleigh, North Carolina, for building the crate for the engine;
  • Herman Dailey with Elite Transportation of Wake Forest, North Carolina, for transporting the crate with engine to Los Angeles, California;
  • Len Holmes of the Bay Area, California, for shipping the engine to Fife, Washington;
  • The Alaska Feed Company of Fairbanks, Alaska, for letting us ship our engine with their shipments to Fairbanks;
  • David MacPherson of Corte Madera, California, for help with covering the necessary funds.

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