A New Year with New Adventures!

We're going to make a lot happen in this new year! We are writing our first book, which we plan on having ready for publishing by no later then May 2011. Once the shell of the book is ready and the "okay" is given to the Printing House to print the first batch, our focus will go to our 1960s Viking bus. A lot needs to be done to it before we can safely travel the highways of North America on our bus-book-tour.

The quint is hanging peacefully on the eve of the porch. In five short months we'll hang it on the side of our bus. Once again we'll be traveling with our bike, although a bit different this time.

The bus is going to be a project all by itself. Bill is really looking forward to it and is already calling everyone he knows all around the country to see if he can find the parts for it. Since the bus project is such a unique experience, I decided to build a separate page on which we'll keep the more mechanical and technical updates.

Click here for many more detailed pictures of the bus; inside and out.

All aboard!

Jasmine and Robin are ready for another adventure.

Out and about

Eight gallons of water in the making.

We've found another major air leak under the eve of the cabin.

As we plan and brainstorm, the world keeps on moving, nature keeps on displaying its beauty.

The igloo is covered with a fresh layer of snow.

Above zero! It almost feels warm.

The sun sets over our dwindling wood supply.

The new pile of wood.

Indoor fun

Robin is "horseback riding" on the swing.

Figuring out the traingame together.

Outdoor fun

Time for some sledding before it's dark.

Yeehaa! There goes Cheyenne!

Whoosh! There goes Jasmine!

Swoop! There goes Robin!

We're filled with curiosity about how this year is going to unfold. In our guts the year is already a success. We know it won't all go smooth. None ever does. We also know we'll make it through the rough patches. Together, and with you on our side.

Cabin Fever or so

Cabin fever or the travel jitters. It's a toss-up. We feel like horses ready to break from the starting gate. We're ready to head out on our "Blue-Collar Book Tour" (name donned by Bill). But first we have a book to finish. We can already picture it in our minds. A hardcover binding with dust jacket, filled with exciting and interesting chapters, color pictures, sketches, charts and graphs, contributions by the girls, a long-long list of thank-yous and acknowledgements. It's going to be a joy to receive te first copy in our hot grubby hands.

Our respect for fellow authors has increased exponentially. It's absolutely amazing how much work goes into a book. Sofar, I'm only talking about the text. Once the text is (re-)written, the text layout needs to be designed, as does the cover, the organization inside the book needs to be figured out and probably much more needs to be done that we haven't thought of yet. Only then can we send it out for printing. Right now it feels like we're not moving though. We've got to keep our eye on the goal to make everything come to fruition the way we envision. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Sunset over Old Murphy Dome Road.

The temperatures keep above zero. Great for outdoor activities. Once the sun peaks over the mountains at about 1pm, it's time to get ready to go out. Sometimes we stay near home, sometimes we go visit the neighbors. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we get a ride. Sometimes we ride on a four wheeler, sometimes in a sled behind a snow mobile. There is an abundance of winter activities.

Bill and the girls are getting a ride from Muttley.

Down the snow covered road.

In sleds, behind a snow mobile.

The bus is a lonely dot alongside the snowy road.

What would an I-phone be without a chess-app? Not as much fun that's for sure. Cheyenne has totally got the hang of it. Jasmine prefers the checkers game. Robin, well, she just likes to press any button within her reach. It is incredible to see how they adapt to this technology. They figure out things that we don't know about, especially within text message options.

Thinking hard about a chess game.

We're making bouncy balls from crystals and water.

Thank goodness for my neighbor Jennifer; my local Starbucks, Blockbuster and Mrs Fields. It's a refreshing little walk, not even half a mile, before I make myself at home; leaning against the kitchen counter. Coffee is brewing on the always going wood stove. An afternoon is quickly filled with mother-to-mother and wife-to-wife talk. Talk of business is also a common subject.

Jennifer is a tie-dye artist and business owner. She works from her home; also a dry cabin, like ours. After a fire burned down her business two years ago, she's slowly putting the pieces back together. Because of her remote location she's setting up a website to gain access to online orders. Soon this website will feature a special Pedouin-design shirt! Once her website is up and running, I'll be sure to post it.

This coming spring the girls and I will get a chance to experience a tie-dye party. I have no clue what the process is, but I'm sure we'll find out.

A fresh coating of snow. It's still winter!

Now that I go to town to do the internet updates, I don't mess around with it at home anymore. This time I'm at Barnes&Noble. The fireplace is on, a light background music plays, people are coming and going. It's a busy buzzing place. The internet reception is lightning fast. I'm by myself; not to the liking of Cheyenne and Jasmine who almost play tug of war to go with me. We'll all go to town on Thursday for Jasmine's birthday. That consoles them some.

On Friday we're going to have a visitor. Len from the bay area in California is coming to spend the weekend with us. And he's bringing the first parts of the bus engine! Now I'll find out what a bell-housing really looks like. We're all going to learn a whole lot about bus mechanics.

Sunrise over the Alaska Range as viewed from Farmers Loop Ridge.

January - A month full of excitement!

Jasmine's 6th Birthday

What a treat, Jasmine gets to spend another birhtday at a hotel. Last year in Parker, Arizona. This year right here in Fairbanks, Alaska. A 3,000 mile diference.

Birthday girl! Ready to go out with mom on a special date!

Happy Birthday Jasmine! May there be many more!

The Pedouins are celebrating!

Cheyenne is reading a night time story.

The bus title has finally arrived!

We were so wrong when we thought we had the title for the bus ready to go back in October 2010. It's taken three more months of back and forth with the previous owners and the Department of Transportation. The old title was so old (1990s), they had to find it in the archives beore it could oficially be transferred. But the deed is done now! One big step forward!

Transfer of the bus title.

It's official! We are finally the owners of the bus!

Thanks for all your help Len!

Len from California is here!

A true Pedouin guru! Len from California is honoring us again with his presence, his ideas and his believe in our journey! Guess what he brought with him from Florida?! The bell housing for the bus! Super job!

At the bus.

Welcome aboard!

Busdriver, busdriver. Please open the door!

Bill and mechanics is like a kid in a candy store! He looks forward to the fixiing up project.

Bill with (what I think is) the bell housing! One of the pieces of the puzzle is falling in place. Thanks for getting it ready for us Wally!

More puzzle pieces.

Staying warm in Phil's handsewn hat. Taking off the tire to see what the brakes look like.

A unique experience. The sun sets behind Denali. This can only be seen during this time of the year.

Robin is getting ready for the swimming pool.

Jasmine is thinking about getting into the hot tub. Robin loves it.



Ready... Set... GO !!!

To bubble or not to bubble...

Time to leave the hotel. But not before the final swim.

All stuffies accounted for? Dogge, check. Olifant, check. Pooch, check. Binkies, check check.

Robin, Jasmine and Cheyenne at the Hill Top Cafe.

Cheyenne and Jasmine add their drawings to the wall at the Hill Top Cafe, off the Ice Road.

When you live far out of town, you stock up when you can!

Fortunately we live down the hill. Full down, empty up.

Not just bus parts, also a stuffy and sea shells for each of the girls!

Chances are... when you come to visit, we'll put you to work!

A job well done.

Filling snow buckets.

Keep on shoveling! They're not yet full.

Great job!

Cheyenne has made a very special birthday card for Jasmine.

A purse for Len. Made right in front of him. All the girls are involved in this purse.

Robin pedals away, while Amarins guides the cloth.

There you go Len!

Amarins in the kitchen with "home made running water."

Enjoying the shells.

Shells from Len and Wally & Betty Ann including a base of potpourri make a beautiful candle display.

The coldest week!

Finally it's getting colder... These are the temperatures we came here for. It doesn't really go well with outdoor playing, but it is great for huddling up in front of the fireplace and putting a 600 piece puzzle of the world together!

How low can it go?

Puzzle away!

Taking pictures with the timer. 10, 9, 8, ... 1, smile!

This is how low it goes!

Time to go outside and do the boiling water experiment! This is what happens when you throw boiling water into the air at 33 degrees below! It immediately freezes!

A beautiful ice flower has formed on the kitchen window.

Where did my pots and pans go to?

Aha! Here they are!

Bugs are attacking the railroad!

If you want to see what we have planned when it comes to the book writing process, Click Here.

Our new editor Caroline is ruthless (and wonderfully so!). Bill is looking through the necessary changes that need to be made.

Cheyenne's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday to you!!! Amarins baked up a storm to make the birthday at the cabin a very special one too!

Cheyenne tries to open a well-sticky-taped gift from Jasmine.

Neighbors Vincent and Jennifer are here to join the party!

A brownie cake with chocolate syrup and sprinkles is Cheyenne's choice for birthday cake!

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