New Adventures for The Pedouins!

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What we've been doing in these past couple of years:

On August 1, 2009, we embarked with our three daughters, Cheyenne (then 6), Jasmine (then 4) and Robin (then 2), on a cross country bicycle journey. We left our home in Kentucky to arrive 1 year and thirteen days, 6439 miles later in Fairbanks, Alaska.

An incredible experience, an experience worth writing about!

We have experienced the winter in the hills north of Fairbanks, in the interior of Alaska! You can experience the winter with us!

Click here to live a winter in Alaska!

Our bicycle journey experiences are available in a full color, hard cover book. Order your copy of "A Pedouin Life, Stop and Smell the Artichokes" by emailing us at "aPedouinLife at yahoo dot com".


What readers say about our book:

Wayne on July 31, 2011
I loved your book. It made me feel like I was traveling with you as you described both the good and the bad parts of the trip. It seems you encounter far more good people than not so good.We purchased the book at Beaver Sports late Friday. I started reading your book after dinner Friday night and could not put it down. I just finished it. I cannot wait until you write your book on your Fairbanks winter. Hope your book tour is as enjoyable as the bike ride. Best of luck! Will be tracking your progress on your web site and Facebook.

Ellen on August 21, 2011
I finished your book;I could hardly put it down. I felt your pain when things went wrong, and your joy when things were great. I enjoyed the humor, also. My husband met you at Frontier Plumbing and I went to your bus and paid for the book. I hope and pray you have a good trip. God bless your beautiful family. Ellen


The latest is that we're recouping from the wonderful experiences we've been blessed to have. We're considering which experiences could enrich our family next. We wish you all courage and persistence in following your dreams. Sincerely, The Pedouins.


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