We're bicycling through Alaska!
North to Fairbanks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today 1 kilometers, Total 9,570 kilometers
(Today 1 miles, Total 5,981 miles)
Campsite: Aboard the Matanuska, in Alaskan waters, Canada
Weather: A sad rainy day.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

Time to say goodbye to Pake en Beppe.

Goodbyes are always hard. We revel in the fact that we had quality time together, not just quantity. Hardstikke fijn dat jullie bij ons waren Heit en Mem. Wat een fijne herinneringen hebben we gemaakt.

Time to say goodbye.

One more hug...

Shelter at the pavillion.

We're allowed to stay at the pavillion for a little while until it is time to check in for the ferry this afternoon. Cheyenne has made a new friend while on the campground, Lexy. She's going on the same ferry. What a party that will be.

Seeking refuge at the picnic pavillion. A great place to dry the tent.

The tent has a great place to hang dry.

Friend Lexy and the girls are laughing at Bill for drinking from the Barbie cups.

To the ferry. We're going to Alaska TODAY!

Turn right for the ferry to Alaska!

Get ready to line up!

On the Matanuska. A rainy sailing.

Knotty Cheyenne.

Bill is waving goodbye to Canada. We're ready to board the Matanuska to take us to our final state: Alaska.

The girls are boarding the Matanuska.

Jasmine and Cheyenne have been building towers in the toddler corner.

Finding fun on a rainy evening on the boat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today 3 miles, Total 5,984 miles
Campsite: Auke Village Campground, ALASKA
Weather: A rainy, hazy day at sea.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

We sail and sail and sail.

The girls are enjoying the ride. It doesn't feel very long for them. Too bad we don't have pretty weather to see the sights clearly. Still it's an impressive trip with lots and lots of eagles to view. The ship docks in several little towns. The passengers are ready for viewing.

Goodmorning view! Not your blue sky + sunshine cruise. But we're in the temperate rainforestr after all!

View of the Inside Passage.

Robin is ready for her landing in Alaska with GiGi and PaPa.

Robin returns from Wrangell carrying flowers.

View from Wrangell Narrows.

Extra fun with friend Lexy on the same ferry! Thanks for Izzy and Isabella!

Arrival in Auke Bay. The Mendenhall Glacier is clearly visible in the middle. Impressive, even in this 11pm evening light.

Robin is deep asleep between the lounge chairs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today 0 miles, Total 5,984 miles
Campsite: Auke Village Campground, ALASKA
Weather: A rainy day at the campground.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

A day of rest at Auke Bay Village Campground.

Camp Pedouin at Auke Bay Village campground. A rainy day. We use it to rest, play and take extra long naps.

Braids and rolls.

A rice-a-roni supper is cooking.

Supper time!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today 15 miles, Total 5,999 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: Sun, rain, wind; a little bit of everything.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

Checking out the Mendenhall Valley.

Yesterday has done us well. Doing nothing, resting, recouping from the ferry ride. Today we're aiming to get to Juneau.

Robin on the rocks.

Jasmine leaves another piece of nature art behind at this campground.

A butterfly is taking a break on Bill's purse before we're heading for Juneau.

Enjoying the views.

The harbor at Auke Bay at low tide.

Look girls! The glacier!

Glacier in sight across Auke Lake.

We get as far as the airport. Then we decide to find a campground in this area, near the glacier.

We're fortunate to have stumbled upon Donna's Restaurant, near the airport. We have a delicious meal and warm service. We're invited to come back again - on the house!

Enjoying the mall.

A 'full' shopping cart for only $71.09.

We're riding up to the trailhead for the West Glacier trail.

Under cover at the Mendenhall Lake campground. The rain comes and goes.

Icebergs are floating around in the lake.

Enjoying the views. Nugget falls is visible on the right.

Enjoying supper with fellow campers Bob and Lois.

Blue berry bushes all around the campsite! The girls are preparing dessert.

Supper with Bob and Lois. Delicious homemade. Thank you very much!

Time for smores!

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today 0 miles, Total 5,999 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: Basically dry.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

With the bus to the Gold Rush Days in Douglas.

Waiting at the bus stop for the bus to take us to Douglas for the Gold Rush days.

On the bus.

In the party tent at the festival. The girls are absorbing it all.

Watching the jack legging competition. Who can drill two holes two feet deep the fastest?

Bill is scratching his head. How in the world did he get entered in the spike nailing competition? Well, an enthusiastic wife will do that for you! Go Bill Go!

Listening to the rules. The one to nail 5 spikes the fastest wins. Two in the high beam, three in the low beam. Nailing needs to be done with an axe. You're disqualified if the nail goes out the side of the log.

Bill is ready to go! He starts well, and then... See the video to find out if he wins the competition!

Play the video to find out what happened...

The girls enjoy the kids carnival.

Drawings in the sand.

Robin with all her festival prizes.

Sharing the days stories with Lois, as the girls enjoy an evening snack. Thanks Lois!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today 13 miles, Total 6,012 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: Gorgeous, almost warm.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

On the bicycle to the Mendenhall Visitor Center.

Clocking our 6,000th mile on the bridge across the Mendenhall River!!!

We arrive at the visitor center, eat a snack and go on the trail to Nuggett Falls.

Having a snack before going on the trail.

Touching 200 year old glacier ice. Unless you're willing (and capable) to go on a steep trail to ice caves, there is no other way to tough the glacier.

On the trail. This one is a dead end one.

Mountain view.

The girls are running the final yards to the beach at the falls.

At the beach at Nuggett Falls.

Playing in the sand.

Nugget Falls.

The spray of the falls.

Together at Mendenhall Lake.

At the lake we meet camping neighbor Auggie on his motored bike. He easily keeps us with us.

Auggie on his motorized bike.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today 13 miles, Total 6,025 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: Sunshine.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

Cheyenne is going to summer camp for the next days.

Cheyenne and Macon. Ready for camp.

Max is not about to be pushed into the picture.

All aboard!

We see you on Thursday! Love you!

On the bicycle to the West Glacier trail.

The West Glacier trail starts at the parking lot past Skater's Cabin. It doesn't bring you all the way to the glacier, but will take you to beautiful view spots.

Jasmine is ready with rocks in case we encounter a bear or a mountain lion.

Picnic along the trail.

Robin is mesmerized by the water rolling down the mountain.

Jasmine is a great trail climber.

Robin is determinedly walking the trail.

Mendenhall Lake from up high.

Up close with the glacier. As close as it gets.

What a view! Wow!

The Lady of the Forest.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today 0 miles, Total 6,025 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: A toss up day.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

Playing with the blueberry girls.

We hang around our campsite. The girls have found two friends to play with. Naomi and Mackinzy are roughly their ages and are certainly ready for a blue berry picking adventure.

With the bus to downtown Juneau.

The afternoon we take the bus again. This time to downtown Juneau. We get off the bus and start walking. Gold, Zilver, Jewelry, Trinkets. What would you like to spend your money on today. The cruise ships are lined up for this downtown Juneau experience.

We wander for a while, then head for the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. A nice experience. There is a special school room for the girls. Thoroughly enjoyed. Old toys to play with, dress-up to partake in, figuring out your weight in gold. Lots to see and do.

We finally made it to Juneau.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today 0 miles, Total 6,025 miles
Campsite: Spruce Meadow campground, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: The rain set in.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

Staying dry on the campground.

We're spending the day in the office/bathroom building. The girls have toys to play with, drawings to make, tv to watch. it's a rainy day, so this works out great.

A thought to ponder.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today 14 miles, Total 6,039 miles
Campsite: With Anji and James, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: More or less dry.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0

On the bicycle to Juneau.

Yes, it's time to pick up our belongings and move into town. We had anticipated to move from this campground to the campground at the lake. But we got lazy(?!). Let's just say it's nice to stay in one spot for a while. Now, it's time to actually make it into the capital of Alaska, Juneau.

Camp Pedouin for the past week.

We have a nice setting here at our campground. A covered picnic area. It is great to get our things together and load up our trailer. Our host Anji is coming to take most of our heavy stuff. Eventhough the road ahead will not include many hills, it's always nice to make things easier. We've lugged our belongings across many mountains. These little hills? We can do without. We have no point to prove. We're on a journey. And this is part of it.

We're thankful it's more or less dry today. Cheyenne is still at camp. We haven't had a call, thus we can safely asume she's having a good time. Robin and Jasmine are enjoying the blueberry girls; Mackinzy and Naomi. Doing crafts together, playing together, having snacks together. Thanks Stacy!

The blueberry girls! Jasmine and Robin are having a great time playing with Mackinzy and Naomi.

It's dry enough for us to jet out. We say goodbye to our newmade friends. Then we're back on Mendenhall Loop. The now so familiar road. It takes us back to Egan Drive, across and into Glacier Highway. We stop at Donna's Restaurant once more. On our way out on Tuesday we won't have the time to do so, so we're taking it now. We can't thank you enough owners of Donna's Restaurant. We've enjoyed our meals and the service received. Thanks.

We have the route planned. Alongside Egan drive is a bicycle path. We take it as long as it takes us. Where there is no path it turns back into the Glacier Highway.

From the topographical map at the museum yesterday we have good idea about which roads to take. To have the least possible hills. Still, the one real hill is to much for the chain. The masterlink breaks on the drive chain. It's been in need of replacement. Now we'll have to replace it. A good thing Bill always carries a spare with him. This time it isn't just the masterlink that breaks. The force of the chain also tears up the front derailleur. Since we're going uphill and only travel in low, it is no big deal. It'll have to be fixed before we head out on Tuesday to catch the ferry to the mainland though.

Jasmine carefully walks across the bridge. It's an open grate bridge. A bit scary with the water rushing under you. Bill is already waiting for us across the creek.

Across the bridge, Bill quickly puts in the new master link. We're back in business. The rain has increased a bit. We're whitin a mile of the house, though uphill. Robin is in full raingear; jacket and pants. Cheyenne and Jasmine buck it out with raincoats. Leaning over, their pants stay dry enough. There is a dryer awaiting at the end of the road. And take that literally. Once again we're staying at the top of the hill. We've come to understand that those are the places which give us the most memories.

We've taken it easy on purpose. After all, there is no reason to spring a house when no-one is there. We're free to go inside though. Isn't trust an amazing thing! Would you trust a stranger with your belongings? By having our journey documented on our website are we no longer a stranger? Isn't trust an amazing and treasurable thing? We're overwhelmed with all the bad things happening in the world, in our country, in our cities. Media thrives on bad things, ugly things, nasty things. When are we going to put a hold on it? If media were to focus more on the good things that happen, and trust us, they do happen, then perhaps it wouldn't be such a dark dark world 'out there'!

So sweet! Puppies Lily and Akie.

We're going to stay through the weekend. Bill is begging for some real work to do. It's been hard to just sit around the campground, doing nothing in particular, but for the touristy things. Thanks James for having a project waiting! Eventhough you might not have known. You're giving Bill a gift, as he's giving you one!

Later in the afternoon it's time to pick Cheyenne up from camp. She actually looks rested. And listening to the stories, she's had a great time!

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Friday thru Monday, July 2-5, 2010

Today 4 miles, Total 6,043 miles
Campsite: With Anji and James, Juneau, Alaska
Weather: Juneau in its full glory.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0


It takes a morning to put the game plan together. It's raining outside. People don't really go to work here, outside in the rain, do they? Well, yes they do. Rain is a part of life in Juneau. You either suck it up and take it for what it is, or else nothing is ever going to take place. With a morning to strategize it becomes a very productive afternoon. Plans are made, materials are bought. A 'Yes we can!' attitude is adopted.

Bill and James are discussing the staircase project.

We're learning about the value of tarps. Just don't leave home without it if you're serious about getting some work done. Campers camp with them. Workers work with them.

Today is not yet serious enough to put up a tarp. A dry sprinkle is not wet enough. We can learn a lot of lessons from the girls. The best one is not to think so deeply about the weather. Just do what you want or need to do. Robin and Jasmine are going to play outside. Thus they wear shorts. It's not that cold really. And much less gets wet.

It's warm enough to wear shorts according to Jasmine and Robin.

The posts are up. They're concreted and set to dry. Tomorrow will be a good day to put up the stringer for the stairs.

The girls are enjoying a movie evening with Macon and Max. Amarins and Bill are taking the time to walk down into town. Wander along the cruise ships. And see what else is there. We're looking for a little cafe or coffee shop. Jut a warm place to have a moment together. We don't quite succeed. But the walk is nice.


We learn a lot about the differnt kinds of rain. Some to be ignored, some to be acknowledged. Today is one to be acknowledged. But this doesn't mean we can't do things. The men have build themselves a nice tarp tent. We, the women plus the youngmen, dress up for the weather. We're going to explore the old Treadwell Mines at the Sandy beach. Across the Gastineau channel in southern Douglas. We arrive there by car nonetheless.

For a walk in the rain. You put on your Xtra-tufs, your raincoat and you suck it up.

Jasmine's wailing has scared off any ghosts remaining in the ruines. She lets us clearly know she does not enjoy this walk in the rain.

The ruines of the buildings of the Treadwell Mines are impressive. On our way back we return via the Sandy beach. Jasmine relaxes at the sight of the beach. Rain or shine, a beach gives a feeling of warmth.

There is a little runoff across the beach. A miniature one. The Xtra-tufs can walk straight through. Amarins is only wearing her hiking boots. Since they are already wet, what the heck. Stomp stomp. Straight through the water. They don't even get that wet! Actually this is a lot of fun!

Back at the house, the stringers are up. The top of the stairs is in place! Great job men!

It is an eye opening experience. A humbling one and a rewarding one to be here in Juneau in the rain. We've always heard that rain doesn't melt you. And it doesn't of course. Still, we don't like being inconvenienced. And that's what it's all about. Rain inconveniences us and that's not what we like. The lesson here: Suck it up and enjoy!

Sunday - Independence Day - Do you know what it's about? Or is it just a day to party?

Today for us is to reflect on the freedom we have to choose our way of life. Today for us is to join in the parade and to celebrate this fact. Thank you George Washington. Thank you Thomas Jefferson. Thank you Benjamin Franklin. Thank you.

This morning, Amarins chooses not to ride in the parade. It's really raining today. Bill is not chickening out though. James and him are going to ride to the parade grounds. After all, we agreed to ride in the parade, so he's going to be there regardless.

At 10.30 a call comes in. It's Bill. He's totally exhilarated about the goings on on the parade grounds. It's still raining, but not really hard. There's tons and tons of people. Floats, walkers, bikes, cars. You name it. We've got to come down there.

The energy in his voice spurs us on. Amarins gets the girls dressed. Anji takes us down there. It is incredible. The energy is intoxicating. Suck up the rain and parade away.

Ready for the parade. Rain or shine.

Bring it on. Everyone is ready to parade through town.

It's dripping, but we're not going to call it rain. From time to time we can see to the top of Mt Roberts where the tram goes to. If not today, what will be the day for us to have the chance to ride in the parade! Sorry James, but we're going to ride after all. We'll see you in downtown.

Are we ready? Yes we are!

At 12pm we can see the front of the parade moving. We're number 80, but that doesn't seem to matter. There is a structure to the madness and eventually we're riding too. As soon as we leave the parade grounds there are hundreds of people lining the streets. They're wearing raingear. They've brought out their arm chairs and umbrellas. Some even a blanket to stay warm. This is the energy you expect in a capital city. Incredible.

The number of people lined up to watch the parade is amazing! It's all a matter of perspective. Rain is common here, so you suck it up and deal with it.

Robin is waving around.

Before we know it we've made our rounds. We were in the Juneau Empire this morning and got a lot of recognition because of it. Really neat. As we're finishing our loop we're going back to the top of the hill. One stroke at a time. This will be a parade not easily forgotten. Thanks George and Mary for helping us work it out!

The day is not over by far. Due to low laying clouds and rain last night, the fireworks have been postponed till tonight. It's 10.30 when we dress up the girls. They're about to the end of their ropes. They've never stayed up this late before. Let's see if there are fireworks to see.

The girls are ready with their lightsabers. Let's find some fireworks.

We walk down a little to the playground. A good viewing point for firework. The official fireworks don't start till 12am, but we're not going to last that long. From time to time we see fireworks going up in the air. That is also pretty. It is time to call it a day. What a day it has been.

On the lookout with fireworks with Max and Macon.


We're staying home today. The men are finishing the stairs. They also tear off a rotten porch at the neighbor. Rather needed too.

Mason and James are working on the stairs.

James is screwing down the steps of the stairs.

It's our last day in Juneau. Time to start packing again. Tomorrow is the start of our cross gulf crossing. The ferry will take us to Whittier, near Anchorage.

The girls play in and around the house. They're true Juneaunians now. The rain doesn't bother them a bit. Well, at least less then it used to. The proper gear always makes a difference.

The girls are ready for whatever Juneau weather brings. They are true Juneaunians now.

Thank you Anji and James for inviting us into your home. Thank you Nora for letting us stay in your room. We truly appreciate it!

Robin is listening to Mason playing the guitar.

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Tuesday+Wednesday, July 6+7, 2010

Today 14 miles, Total 6,057 miles
Campsite: Aboard the Kennicott on the Gulf of Alaska, Alaska
Weather: Liquid sunshine.
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Elk Count: 0, Total 0


Time to go. This is the ferry we've been waiting for. We have not been able to fix the front derailleur. We just need to ride in low and medium most of the time. When we need to switch gears we need to stop. Amarins will have to manually put the chain in the other gear. Nothing we haven't done before.

It always amazes us how much stuff we carry with us. It amazes us even mor that we have space for it all.

A little after 9am we're loaded and ready to go. We're going down hill most of the way. Thanks James and Anji!

It's overcast, but not really rainy. We've added some more raingear over the weekend. One piece here, one piece there.

Clouds, but not to wet.

We stop and go all the way to the ferry terminal. It's not too big a deal getting off and changing the gear. We arrive at the terminal sooner then expected. We check in and are allowed to board. Great. We find the play area on the ship and settle in for the ride.

We've taken up space near the play area again. Jasmine is back into building.

Cheyenne found a private nook to color in.

At 1.30 the ship departs. We're sailing out of Auke Bay. Towards the open waters of the Gulf of Alaska. It's going to take a couple of hours to reach the open waters. By that time we'll be asleep. We're going to spend two nights on the ship.

Thinking of our campground neighbors Stacy and Gary, with the blueberry girls. Thanks for bringing a bag of supplies! We're so sorry we missed you at the terminal!

We have a macaroni and chicken noodle supper. There is a microwave at the cafetaria we can use. Very convenient.


Camp Pedouin. Amarins and Robin sleep under the table. Bill has found a spot on the bench of the booth. Cheyenne and Jasmine each are camping under the chairs. Whatever works.

At 7am we arrive in Yakutat. The only safe harbor on our cross gulf crossing. We stay here for over an hour. Long enough for Amarins, Cheyenne and Jasmine to get off the ship and to explore the town. We walk around until we find the grocery store. Get some fresh supplies and finish the loop.

Exploring Yakutat at 7.30am.

When we get back on the ship we find Bill and Robin in line for breakfast. A short stack and yoghurt will be nice.

In line for breakfast.

Robin wants her own table for breakfast.

At 9am the ship sails once more. The clouds are hanging low. We're far off shore. We will not be able to see the glacier today. To bad. That certainly would have been a sight.

The low cloud coverage provides little sight seeing.

All day long the girls are playing. There are lots of children on the ship. Cheyenne teaches them the bubblegum game. That lasts quite a while.

A willing group to play bubblegum.

Bill and Amarins are taking turns roaming the ship. Once we are sailing under a bright blue sky. Time to pick up some vitamin D.

Enjoying a moment of sunshine on open water.

It's been a bumpy ride on the open water. All of us have felt it from time to time. We'll be glad when we sail into calmer waters in Prince William Sound. That won't happen untill tonight though. When we're all asleep.

Second night sleeping under the chairs.

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Thursday thru Sunday, July 8-11, 2010

Today 12 miles, Total 6,069 miles
Campsite: With
Erin and James, Anchorage, Alaska
Weather: In the 60s with a bright day to see Denali!
Flat tires: 0, Total 22
Falls with bicycle: 0, Total 8
Bear Count: 0, Total 2
Moose Count: 0, Total 0

Thursday - Arrival in Whittier

Glacier sighting near Whittier.

Whittier up ahead.

After 42 hours on the water, we arrive in Whittier. Quite wobbly of the rocky waters we walk onto the solid ground. We're here. It's a surreal feeling. We're about to enter the final part of the bicycle journey.

Turn right for Anchorage.

The tunnel from Whittier to Portage is over two miles long. It is not allowed to ride through it with a bicycle. We knew this already and have been making arrangements. Well, actually, we've found a contact in Erin - check out her website on Family Fun in Alaska. Erin has found us the transportation we need to get through the tunnel.

Now the trick is to get our bicycle in the Salmon Berry Tours bus.

Because of the broken front derailleur we're not getting off in Portage. The bus is going to take us all the way to Anchorage. Here we can fix the bicycle for the Parks Highway to Fairbanks.

The tunnel is impressive. It's as if it was chiseled out of the rock. Find out more about the history of the tunnel. Click here. The train takes the same tunnel. It would have been very hard to ride our bicycle through here with the tracks running parallel.

The tunnel. A one lane tunnel, two miles long. Trains alternate with car traffic. Bicyclists and hikers not allowed.

On the other side of the tunnel it's raining too. But we do see some blue spots in the sky. With the rain on the mountains, a rainbow in the distance and some rays of sunshine in several directions it makes for some dramatic views. This is the Alaska we've been dreaming off.

Where the lights touch the mountain.

The train is on its way to the tunnel.

Gorgeous marshes.

We arrive in Anchorage when the sun is coming out. The clouds move out little by little. Opening up the view of the Chugach mountains.

View of the Chugach mountains.

Cheyenne and Jasmine are going with Owen to the Kids Fun Week at Kincaid Park this afternoon. Robin is too young to go and will stay home. But there's a park around the corner, so she'll have some fun too.

Robin has fun in the sun.

Bill rides the bicycle to the shop for a derailleur adjustment. A new one is not available. For now it seems to do the trick. We can shift again.

Friday - Admiring the Big One - Denali

Another day at Kincaid Park. It's a gorgeous sunny day. Shorts and t-shirts. Later this afternoon we're invited to come to the picnic and to see what the girls have made and learned.

It's so clear blue, chances are great we'll get to see the big one - Mt McKinley at 20,320 feet high. Robin is all excited that she gets to come too.

Enjoying a snack in Kincaid park.

Cheyenne and Jasmine are going to Kids Fun Week at Kincaid park.

The weather is so stunningly beautiful. You just have to be outdoors. Amarins runs an extension cord for the computer. Time to work in the sun.

Amarins is working in the sun. Enjoying it tremendously.

It's time to go to the picnic. Time to see what the girls and Owen have been doing. Time to see the mountain. It's clear enough.

The road to the park seems to run straight into the Alaska Range. Towards the north we can see the huge snow capped mountain. The view from the park is perfect. We can see both Mount Foraker (on the left) and Mount McKinley. We're so fortunate.

There it is, 200 miles away. Mount McKinley, 20320 feet high. The tallest mountain on the North American Continent.

The girls have had a blast. Arts, crafts, singing and playing. And a picnic too.

Enjoying singing together.

It's a warm day. There isn't a chill in the air. It feels like the first summer day since we left the south east last summer.

Having fun in the back yard.

Saturday - Zoo in the morning

We're ready for the Anchorage Zoo. We're getting a behind the scene tour! Wow!

Behind the scenes with the polar bears, the tigers and the wolves. Close encounters.

Robin is excited to be upclose with a polar bear. His snarling and sheer size creates a lot of respect for this white bear of the north.

Upclose with a wolf.
Picture by Cheyenne

Robin is dancing with wolves.

The zoo has mostly arctic and sub arctic animals on exhibit.

This grizzly bear is not to be under estimated. His clams are several inches long. Long enough to go fishing.

Robin and Owen admire the baby Sitka deer.

We had a great time at the zoo!

How cool was the zoo? Very cool! Thumbs up.

Time for a penny!

Saturday - Ice skating in the afternoon

Jasmine and Robin on skates. Let's head for the ice.

Hold On!

We're ice skating in the mall.

We're doing it together.

Cheyenne is getting the hang of it!

Saturday - Baking cookies in the evening

Owen and Robin are ready to bake cookies.

Sunday - Staying home

James and Bill are taking the girls and Owen to church today. Erin and Amarins are staying home, working on their websites and taking it easy.

cheyenne comes home with a new playmate and gets the chance to go swimming. Of course she'll go.

It's a nice day to relax and play outside.

Playing duck duck goose with Cheyenne's new friends.

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We've traveled the waters for over 1,300 miles. From one port to the next. From British Columbia to Alaska.

Once again we're on solid ground. We're picking up the Parks Highway.

Follow us the final 400 miles to Fairbanks,
into the interior of Alaska.

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from Washington through British Columbia.

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from California to Washington.

Read about the journey
through Northern California.

Read about the journey
through Southern California.

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through Mexico

Read about the journey
from Arizona to California

Read about the journey
from Texas to Arizona

Read about the journey
from Mississippi to Texas

Read about the journey
from Florida to Mississippi

Read about the journey
from South Carolina to Florida

Read about the journey
from Kentucky to South Carolina

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