The Journey through Alaska!

June 25, 2010

The view from the road to Juneau.

Take your pick. Do you want to go to The End of the Road, or to the Center of Town.

Old glory past...

What an impressive sight already, eventhough we're still about 10 miles from the face of the glacier.

We're on Alaska state road number 7.

We're at Mendenhall Lake at the foot of the glacier.

June 28, 2010

Robin and Jasmine are checking out a little run off.

Pretty sights on the way to the glacier.

The snow on the water are the seeds of a cottonwood tree. They are in full bloom right now. It is as if it is snowing.

Fancy seats for the elves.

July 1, 2010

A luxurious canopy to pack up under.

Marlin and his cousin have traveled in their 1956 Ford from Indiana to Juneau. They're exploring the northwest.

Gold Creek. We're walking across the creek because the master link in our drive chain is broken. Thank goodness for a spare part!

July 2, 2010


Bill is supervising the mixing of the concrete.

Bill and Amarins are on a walk through downtown Juneau. Only to stumble upon the humongous cruise ship the Volendam - from the Netherlands.

Got wire?


Remnants of the past at the Treadwell Mines.

The last walls standing.

Jasmine's spaceship.


Bill, Cheyenne and Jasmine are using a borrowed umbrella, while talking with other parade goers.

We have spot number 80.

Cheyenne is getting her face painted by our neighbors in number 79.

An Egyptian tv crew is interviewing Bill.

The kids are playing at the playground. It's still a little light. It's 10.30pm.


Akie and Lily. So cute. Perhaps we can make space in the trailer for one of them?

Cheyenne and Max are figuring out a computer game.

Fixing the neighbors porch. James and Bill have made a new supporting arm. A very necessary new supporting arm.

July 6, 2010

A picture of Nora to remember her by.

We're boarding the Kennicott to Whittier.

We're aboard the Kennicott.

We leave Juneau in our wake.

The Yakutat post office. 99689 is the highest zipcode we've seen so far.

Bill enjoys talk over breakfast with Geoff and Rebecca; resident and former resident of Yakutat. They've come aboard ship for breakfast. It's the only restaurant in town...

A dramatic sun versus clouds picture.

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