There are No Better Lessons
than Real-Life Lessons

On the road, lessons to explore and discover are plentiful. We will learn subjects from social studies to science, language arts and mathematics to health and safety on a hands-on basis.

We will keep a journal and make drawings that describe our observations. Absorbing nature, reading maps, meeting new people and exploring the country will contribute to a real-life learning experience.

There is an unlimited number of the topics that we can study on our journey. Here is just a sampling by category.

Social Studies

  • National geography and topography
  • Map use
  • Acquiring food and food sources
  • Local customs and music
  • Time zones
  • Exploration and discovery


  • Nature study
  • Animals, including birds and habitats
  • Insects, mammals, reptiles
  • Seeds, bulbs, plants, flowers
  • Grouping and classification
  • Environment of the local region
  • The human body
  • Earth and its history
  • Oceans and the hydrosphere
  • Air and water pollution
  • Earth and sky
  • Sun, moon, planets
  • Constellations
  • Exploring space
  • Solar energy

Language Arts

  • Phonics
  • Enunciation and pronunciation
  • Readiing practice
  • Creating stories and poems
  • Narration
  • Basic punctuation and capitalization
  • Beginning handwriting
  • Reading silently and aloud
  • Alphabetizing, dictionary guide words
  • Foreign languages: Spanish


  • Counting, reading, writing to 1,000
  • Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's
  • Adding and subtraction facts
  • Basic multiplication facts
  • Concepts of equality and inequality
  • Using ½ and ¼ appropriately
  • Weight, volume
  • Length, shape
  • Temperature, time
  • Calendar, charts, graphs

Health and Safety

  • Establish habits: hygiene, including dental
  • Caring for home (tent) environment
  • Nutrition
  • General safety rules (bicycle especially)
  • Basic food groups
  • proper balance of activities
  • The body
  • Muscular system

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