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Thank you for your encouragements.
We keep them in our hearts.

Carol from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, May 29, 2009
"I will keep you in my prayers as you travel on life's journey. God bless you as you continue training."

Tineke from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, May 30, 2009
"Dear friends, 9 weeks to go, to train and to enjoy the excitement of this upcoming great adventure!! GO FOR IT!!!!!!! Love you all!"

Glenda from Berea, Kentucky, USA, May 30, 2009
"Amarins! This website is FANTASTIC! What a terrific job you have done! Love, Glenda"

Ineke from Cappamore, Ireland, June 3, 2009
"9 more weeks, go for it !!! Is it an idea to let Amarins captain the bike for a change ? Just in case you need in on your journey. See what impact the undisclosed weight of Bill has... Go for it Pedouins !!!"

Simon from Limerick, Ireland, June 3, 2009
"You are truly free spirits; of the few that listen to their heart and use their mind to fulfil their dreams. May the road rise to meet you and the wind be always at your back, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. Go Pedouins!"

Leo from Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA, June 3, 2009
"Good Luck and Good Riding. You might want to study some books on bike maintenance. Lennard Zinn has some very good ones."

Maureen from Berea, Kentucky, USA, June 6, 2009
"Hey, what fun to bike with you in the Get Healthy Berea ride this morning! Cheyenne and Jasmine, you are awesome! I look forward to following your family's journey. Sending lots of cheers and prayers."

Randy from Moscow, Idaho, USA, June 14, 2009
"Biking with kids is a fun and learning experience for both the kids and the parents. We live in Moscow Idaho and go bike camping when we can. Keep The Rubber Side Down!!!"

Pieter en Ieke from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, June 17, 2009
"Lieverds, wij wensen jullie alle goeds van de wereld, wij denken aan jullie, Dikke tut van Pieter en Ieke. Wij gaan jullie via internet volgen en zijn erg benieuwd naar alle mooie ervaringen ! XXXXX"

Bob and Jane from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, USA, June 19, 2009
"Have a blessed trip as you meet hundreds of new neighbors. Give and receive love. Love is energy. Love makes things happen including good health, safety, energy, guidance, and happiness. (Mt. 22:39) The many things you see and do will be great experiences. Love is required."

Kristen from Salisbury, North Carolina, USA, June 23, 2009
"I hope everything goes well and you have my support all the way. This is why we call it the land of the free!!!!!"

Geoffrey from Berea, Kentucky, USA, July 3, 2009
"I hope you are doing well! Late last night I was up thinking about you all and wondered where you were. You are on an adventure of a life time. Keep going."

John from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, July 6, 2009
"Joy renews itself with every turn of the wheel, and the heavens are held in place by their continued movement."

Susan from Winchester, Kentucky, USA, July 14, 2009
"Behind you all the way. Excited for you all!! Will see you on the 31st, if not before."

Teri from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, July 20, 2009
"I have been thinking about you guys and your journey. You are inspirational. I will not be at your departure but I will be there in spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to you."

Tammy from Buckhorn, Kentucky, USA, July 21, 2009
"We had a great time camping with you all this past weekend. We hope to be there when you leave for your journey. God Bless!"

Tanner from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, USA, July 29, 2009
"2 more days!!! Best of luck PEDOUINS!!!"

Tineke from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, July 30, 2009
"It's almost time......!!!! Time for the greatest adventure I can imagine! Wish you all the best, good luck!! And love you all!!!"

Ms. Darlena from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, USA, July 30, 2009
"I am wishing you all well and may God be with you and keep you safe. We have been together in storyhour. I'm Delani's grandmother. Take care and Be careful."

Nynke from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, July 31, 2009
"Good luck and most important have fun. I look forward to following your wonderful trip."

Pieter en Ieke from Leeuwarden, Netherlands, August 1, 2009
"Wij wensen jullie een hele goede reis met heel veel mooie nieuwe ervaringen en in een goede gezondheid. Laat je fijn verrassen! Liefs en een dikke tut voor jullie allemaal van Pieter en Ieke Wijbenga. WE LOVE YOU FOLKS!!!"

Susan from Winchester, Kentucky, USA: "Today Sat. Aug 8, just read all your adventures to this point. Keep up the good journey!!! You are well on your way. I'm enjoying following along."

Joyce from Michal's Salon in London, Kentucky, USA: "We all at Michals Salon are praying for you all! I think what you are doing is a wonderful family and learning experience. Make memories, live your dreams and enjoy the beauty of life:) May god bless you and protect you on your travels to ALASKA. You are missed:) hope to see you all in 2011."

David from Clinton Twp, Michigan, USA: "I heard my parents in Wartburg Tennessee gave you some popsicles this afternoon. Your story is amazing, good luck on your journey. I hope you inspire lots of others to open their minds. Best wishes, Dave & Ashley & Oscar the cat"

John from Kingston, Tennessee, USA: "Hi, Just saw you folks come thru Kingston TN. What a wild adventure you're on! You'll be in my prayers for a safe trip. I'll follow you from time to time to see how you're doing. John"

Alan & Betty from Greenville, Ohio, USA: "Heard about your trip from Garnett & Arville right after you stayed with them. Quiet an adventure! Hope it's a great experience for the entire family. We'll be watching your progress and reading about your experiences with interest. Wishing you all the best.

Cara from Covington, Kentucky, USA: "This is absolutely inspiring!!! I can't wait to read about your adventures and see your pictures and will dream of following in at least a few of your footsteps in the future! Go Pedouins! (i especially love how your name comes ready made with 'ped' built-in :) GOOD LUCK! PEDAL ON!"

Bryan from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA: "What an amazing journey. You are truely living every moment of life with your children during this experience. I am eager to follow your journey online. Keep everyone safe."

Kevin and Kris from Bladensburg, Ohio, USA: "Hi! We were Ther the am u took off. We Give u God Speed! Luv The Oldaker's"

tom and Linda from Vacaville, California, USA: "Met you on your first day. We were so much amazed. In California we do live. And look forward to your ways... Through our state you will ride. We'll cheer you on your way. Give us a call and let us know. We can give you a place to stay!"

Jenna from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, USA: "Hey Guys! Hope you are enjoying yourselves! I was so sad that we didn't get to see you all off... our fault for not being on time! I cant believe you guys are actually on your way... and Tanner and I are in the house! Its lovely... everything you described it to be and more. We cant thank you all enough for the opportunity to begin our lives together in such a wonderful place. We're praying for you guys, and hoping your journey continues to go well. Tell the girls we say hello!"

Delores from Mount Vernon, Kentucky, USA: "Wishing you the best in this adventure."

Nikki from Whitley City, Kentucky, USA: "Hey! Just wanted you to know I think it is really neat that you all are on this adventure! I was excited to see you all go by this morning while I was at work! Have fun and be careful on your journey!!"

Tanja from Nieuwegein, Netherlands: "Hello, Congratulations on this beautiful day! 6years!! Have a nice day and a good trip. Greetings en kisses W√Ętte, Tanja, Floris and Hugo"

Beth from Louisville, Kentucky, USA: "Love the Journel so far great job guys! Wish you the best each and every day!"

Tammy and Rusty from Whitley City, USA: "Hello Family, we saw you today strolling through Mcreary County, in whitley city, and at Burger King. Its a neat thing you all are doing, your kids are very sweet. We wish you the best of luck on your journey."

Larry and Bobby from Tacloban City, Leyte, The Philippines: "Sending you a Big shout from across the Pacific ocean. Cheering you all onward. We'll be keeping up with you. Stay safe and have a wonderful experience! Keeping you in our prayers."

Joy from Winchester, Kentucky, USA: "I pray God's covering and blessing over you all during this journey. I pray for wisdom, guidance and fun times enclosed in blessings for each of you! What a journey for you three little go girls!! I am proud of you."

Teri from Louisville, Kentucky, USA: "Congradulations on getting out of town. If there is anything I can do for you all while you are on your journey, please let me know. I would be happy to help."

Sarah and Lee from Mount Vernon, USA: "You are a brave family. Go for it and God be with you all."

Julia from Hindman, Kentucky, USA: "Billy and Girl! I miss you guys. Dad's talked about nothing but you and your trip for the past few days. I love what you guys are doing. It's given me inspiration to find my own adventure. Love you all. Good luck and be careful!"

Tom and Joy from Berea, Kentucky, USA: "Go!Go!Go! Sorry we missed you on Friday.We are thinking of you."

Wanda from Everywhere in the USA: "Okay, brother-n-law, I'm puttin out the word. I'm gonna see how many folks I can get to follow you and yours on this journey. Keep in touch and stay safe. Good luck. wmh"

Beth from Louisville, Kentucky, USA: "Hey Brother Bill and Ama! Day 2 way to go, keep peddling! U CAN DO IT! Hi Girls, Aunt & Sister Beth"

Marty from Renfro Valley KOA, Kentucky, USA: "'Definition of commitment: When you find a way over every hurdle in your path and nothing but success is an option.' Hope your first few days have been GREAT!"

Patricia from Berea, Kentucky, USA: "Thank you for allowing me to share the beginning of your journey. Camping towels will be catching up with you along the way. Sometimes the small comforts and conveniences go a long way to help us over the rough patches and sticky roadkill moments. Take care, and know that the memories you create will be your treasures for life."

Dave from Tazewell, Tennessee, USA: "hey all we are following you daily and waiting to here about your adventures. So sorry we could not be there this morning, hectic week with the house being broke into and all. Billy this is what you have been living for, so go for it big time. Love you all"


Arnie and Joyce from Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA: "Hello My name is arnie and I am friends with Marty Brooker. Franny is my sister, Marty is a lucky guy. Anyway Marty told me about your adventure that you and your family are about to embark on. Sounds very exciting I will meet you when you guys come to Tarpon Springs. Good luck and stay Safe arnie and Joyce Knable

Dianna from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: "Thanks for the phone call Billy! It is good to see ya'll are doing well and having fun. Know I'm praying for you!

Love you,


Claudia from Delft, The Netherlands: "Ik zie dat jullie al onderweg zijn, ik zal jullie belevenissen volgen. Bewondering voor jullie hoor! Heel veel succes en plezier! Groetjes Claudia"

Craig & Callie from Sweetwater, Tennessee, USA: "We enjoyed meeting your family today and hope you get a good nights rest. We read through your website and discovered that we share an anniversary date with you all of August 5th. Happy Anniversary and we'll be praying for safety for you all along your journey.

Craig & Callie"

Chris from Harriman, Tennessee, USA: "Hey Bill! It's Chris from the phone store. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you. I wish the very best on your journey. I plan to follow your progress so I'll probably "cheer you on" from time to time."

Colleen from Hayesville, North Carolina, USA: "You all are awesome. What an inspiration to the values of family. We sure need it in these times we live in !!! We seen you in Hayesville NC at the McDonalds. We will be praying for all of you ,for a safe journey. We are going to ride all the way to Alaska with you !!!!!"

Sherry from Cramerton, North Carolina, USA: "Met you all very briefly at the Days Inn in Murphy, NC. Congratulations on "living your dream." After meeting you, I was so reminded of Henry David Thoreau. Best wishes as you live your "Walden.""

Ieke en Pieter from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands: "Hallo lieverds,

Wij genieten enorm van jullie droom en vinden het fantastisch dat jullie die droom ook uitvoeren,prachtig ! We blijven jullie volgen en wensen jullie al het goede onderweg. Wij hebben er alle vertrouwen in .Heel veel liefs en een dikke knuffel van ons xxxxx"

Evelyn from Tateville, Kentucky, USA: "My prayers are with you and your family. This is something the kids will always remember. Just have a safe journey."

Denise from Longmont, Colorado, USA: "Heard your story on 9 News in Denver Colorado. Cheers for you for following your dream.

May God's unfailing loving Grace and Protection be with you through out your journey.

I will keep you in my prayers as I follow your blog."

Candice and Weymon from Hayesville, North Carolina, USA: "Hi guys it's the couple you met today at McDonald's in Hayesville, NC. Just wanted to wish you luck again and enjoy your DREAM! We were able to bless you with a little cash today and plan do so again when our funds allow. I will most certainly be keeping up with your adventure. Take care and good luck!"

Pat from springfield, Missouri, USA: "Saw you on our news in Springfield, MO. If you can do what you are doing, I know my husband and I can ride a motorcycle to Alaska. I plan to keep up with your travels. I think it is wonderful that you are teaching the children along the way valuable things they could never learn any other way."

Fletcher from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: "Fabulous photographs and wonderful journal. Will call my Aunt Nancy Bryant and try to find some places for you to stay while you are in Florida."


Amanda from Westminster, South Carolina, USA: "I hope you have a safe trip!!!! If you are every back SC give us a ring we live right on Hwy 24 and hwy 11. I hope to see more of your trip. I think you should let the good morning america know what youll are doing!!!!! GOOD LUCK" & kids hange on for the long ride" You will have something to tell your kids and grandkids when you get older!!!!!"

Bryan from Yorktown Heights, New York, USA: "My brother and I finished riding from Santa Monica, CA, to Wilmington, NC, this summer. We know what it is like to be on the road! Best of luck to you, and remember: Never give up!"

Reade from USA: "As a direct decendent of Daniel Boone, sixth great grandson, through last son Nathon who burried Daniel; I respect your adventure. May your venture nurture you and your families soul and god be with you. Love Reade

John and Brennan from Ft Stewart, Georgia, USA: "Hi there! I dont know if you remember talking with us. But my husband and I were at the gas station at the same time you were eating McDonalds with your beautiful family. Off of 17 near Darien (My husband is in the ARMY if that helps any) but talking with you, and hearing about your adventure so far is just amazing. You guys are really inspirational, and you show and prove that ANYTHING is possible!! I want to say good luck and may all your dreams and goals during this journey be accomplished! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, and we will definitly keep up with you! Be careful, and best wishes!! Sincerely, John and Brennan McClung"


Amanda from Westminster, South Carolina, USA: "I hope you have a safe trip!!!! If you are every back SC give us a ring we live right on Hwy 24 and hwy 11. I hope to see more of your trip. I think you should let the good morning america know what youll are doing!!!!! GOOD LUCK" & kids hange on for the long ride" You will have something to tell your kids and grandkids when you get older!!!!!"

Teri from Louisville, Kentucky, USA: "Not a day goes by that I do not think about you guys. I pray for your safety and pray that this adventure will keep me inspired in my own ventures. Thank you for staying true to your heart."

Marjorie from Tellico Plains, Tennessee, USA: "Great family. The girls are beautiful and so full of joy."

Frally from New Zealand: "Good on you! What an inspiring family and an amazing journey! The opportunity you are providing for your children to start their lives with such an adventure, I feel so happy for them. I look forward to continuing to read about your journey."

Jim from Lake Placid, Florida, USA: "I drove a motorcycle to Alaska. Beautiful trip.I wish your family the best and will pray for your safety on your trip of a lifetime."

Ranger Brenda from Lake Placid, Florida, USA: "A big HUG & KISSES for Cheyenne, Jasmine and Robin. I really enjoyed your visit at Highlands Hammock State Park and I hope to see you again someday soon. Best wishes to all of you during your journey."

Annetta from Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA: "I saw you riding in Cocoa Beach and couldn't believe my eyes! Then your picture was in the newspaper the next day so I knew it wasn't my imagination. So I had to checkout your website -- what interesting stories you have and great folks you've met. Good luck to all of you!"

Eileen and Gary from Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA: "Just saw your picture in Fl Today. Went to the site and enjoyed reading all about your trip - have a wonderful adventure - go in love and may love surround you on the journey!"

Jeri from Rockledge, Florida, USA: "I think what you are doing is such an inspiration, good luck on your journey, and god bless"

Bill from Crystal River, Florida, USA: "Oct 4, Go Go Go, was great to have met you on the road and glad to help, the girls were great to hang with a little and they seemed to enjoy the Ice Cream."

Lee Ann form Mount Juliet, Tennessee, USA: "I am enjoying your journey. I am so amazed you never mention any whining or complaining. You guys must be wonderfully patient parents. I tell your story to every one. Keep it up."

Missy from Prentiss, Mississippi, USA: "It was wonderful to meet ya'll today. Praying your journey is a safe and enjoyable experience."

Lauri from Berea, Kentucky, USA: "Kate was playing babies yesterday and had 3 of them she was taking care of...their names were Cheyenne, Jasmine and Robin. How cute. You have been on her mind. Be safe."

Eva from Tazewell, Tennessee, USA: "Hey guys I hope all is well, I met ya'll back in late June at the Frostee Freeze in tazewell and have been following your journey. Glad to see everything is going well, I am now at Old Town Grill so when you get back and venture out stop in and see us."

John from Algeria: "Hey folks just read about your trip through our county and Stay at Manatee Springs,thought I could answer a question for you. Withlacoochee- seminole word meaning little big river,because of flooding at times of the year. Caassahowitzka- Seminole for swinging or hanging pumpkin,Fl HAD and the Seminoles cultivated a small pumpkin that was planted at the base of a tree that was first killed (no shade)the pumpkins were safe from animals in the tree! Homosassa- Seminole for Pepper growing place. GOD BLESS,GOOD LUCK!!"

Judi from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, USA: "Head for the goal! Don't give up. You will love Alaska!"

Whit from Anderson, South Carolina, USA: "Your family has inspired me to get back to the basics of life. Less is MORE and you have helped me see this. I will keep you in my prayers. Be safe and have a grand trip."

Asher from Louisville, Kentucky, USA
I've been following your story on your website for a whilenow -- in an age when a lot of folks talk a good game, you are genuine doers! What an inspiration to the rest of us trying to struggle free of ourself-imposed limitations! Thank you, Pedouin Family!

Rachel from USA
Thank you for taking this trip and sharing the story with everyone. You are brave and amazing! You are doing a wonderful thing for your girls. We have too many fear-mongerers these days who scold for letting kids play in the dirt or go outside, and so our kids are sedentary and overweight with chronic disease and unhappiness far into adulthood. I biked from Columbia, MO to Omaha, NE and back, 744 miles in 11 days, and so many people thought I was insane, a woman all alone. We can't let fear take our world away from us. Your trip helps us all take our world back a little bit!

Reku Papa from HUNGARY
Beautiful idea, hats off! Please forward my words to the kids: You are very, very lucky you live in a country, which enables this beautiful challange for your family. Believe me: There are some one thousand million families, who cannot even dream about a journey like yours. Learn, learn, learn, and have a good time, kids!

Tineke from Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Hello! I keep on following you guys! How wonderful to read al your stories! Keep on pedaling! Big hug for everybody!!

George from The World
Hi Pedouins!

As an avid fan of long-distance cycle-touring, close-knit families, and alternative ways of living, I admire your journey more than I can possibly say. That you are doing this together with your children, for yourselves and for your children, brings tears to my eyes. Well done!

I wish you all the best, and if I were in California, where I'm from originally, I would ride with you a ways and call in support as I could. As it is, I'm a poor nomadic cyclist in Italy right now :). I also note that you need the most help, as expected, in small towns; unfortunately I can't help much outside of San Diego, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. If these places interest you, let me know. Otherwise, I'll send your link out to my University mailing list and hope for the best.

Hugs for all, Tailwinds, ~George J.

Wu Yinlong from China
A special mention for his generous donation of $3.90 coming all the way from China!

Rachel from USA
Hi Bill and Amarins, Thanks for the phone call! I was just writing to you when the phone rang. :) I posted a link to your story on my favorite cycling forum, Team Estrogen ( I wanted to share part of the discussion with you. Most of the replies were very positive and encouraging, and several said they are now watching your journey with me.

One person though, commented, "I must confess that I would like this a lot better if they were not asking other people to pay for it." Her comment troubled me and after thinking it over for several days, I made the reply below (after making a small donation so I could not be accused of not putting my money where my mouth is! But I wish I could give more, and will try to after Christmas.)

Thank you again for making this incredible journey! You are such an inspiration and you are doing a right thing! Rachel

(My reply): Brandy, that's awesome! I hope you get to meet them. They will reach New Mexico tomorrow! It seems like they have been in Texas forever.

I've been thinking, a lot, about what Owlice said. At first I wished I hadn't mentioned that they started all this with only $300 (what probably prompted her comment). But the next thing I did was donate on their page. I've been meaning to anyway.

Owlice, I'm not directing the following at you, you are welcome to your own opinion. Thank you for your comment because you made me think. Here is the result, for what it is worth.

I'm willing to pay more than I care to admit for Netflix, cable tv, internet access (some is work, most is social & entertainment).

I find the Pedouins blog highly entertaining. I talk about their progress with my friends and family. It's similar to tv series: what will happen next? When will the next episode air?

And even better than a tv series, I admire them so much. I get so tired of hearing how people can't do things, or won't allow their kids to, because it's not safe, whether it's play outside, play in the dirt, walk to a store after dark or bike down a street. The Pedouins represent the opposite of that crippling cultural fear. Simply by taking this trip they are doing advocacy work.

You can't put a price on that. By donating I'm paying for entertainment and inspiration and supporting a cause.

We pay entertainers solely to entertain us. The Pedouins are just trying to live through their year. They're not going to get rich, like the actors and movie stars.

That's why I'm ok with them asking for money to get them through this year. If they had waited until they could afford it without donations, they'd never start. Or they'd belong to a social class that I wouldn't relate to. Actually? I appreciate the chance to be a tiny part of their journey.

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