September of 2011 in pictures and videos

From Alaska through Canada back to the Lower 48.

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We're ferrying back from Victoria to Port Angeles. The fog is covering the lower 48 from our eyes for a little while longer.

Shoes hit the US soil again.

Playing hop scotch in the Walmart parking lot of Port Angeles; our home for the night.

Robin made it to the center of the snail-scotch.

Traveling feet hit the ground. A group of youngsters is trying to find their path in life.

We're back in the lower 48. A week earlier then we'd anticipated. A week until we start our REI tour at the Seattle REI. What to do? No dilemma, we're hitting the road south to see friends we made last year while we biked through the Washington and Oregon states.

The girls create hop scotch tracks at every rest area we stop.

Through Washinton, back in Oregon. What took us a week on the bicycle, takes us only a morning in Old Blue.

Playtime with Margie at Deer Island.

Cheyenne on baking muffins:

Looking at baby birds at Gib's RV in Coos Bay.

Robin enjoys the water:

Thanks to Barb and Bill, the girls get a chance to have a horse back riding lesson.

Jasmine gets comfortable on a horse:

Swing time for Jasmine:

Arrival at Crater Lake, OR:

A visit to awesome Crater Lake in Oregon.

On the swing with Kathy in Bend, Oregon.

Climbing to the top of "McKinley" in Salem, Oregon.

A morning walk with Tom and Margie on Deer Island.

With proofreader Barbara at the wheel we have no worries we'll get where we want to be.

A lesson in Ultra Light flying with Tom on Deer Island, OR:

Don't forget to go and "Fly a Kite"! Looped back to Deer Island once again.

Flying planes from the Astor Column wih Vern:

It's never too cold for ice cream. Not even during the Illwaco car show.

At the Beach Barons' Rod Run & Car Show in Ocean Park, WA.

My favorite: a Metro.

We're taking the Oregon coast on our way south.

Old Blue is dwarved by the giants in the redwoods while we're on our way south to the Bay area REIs.

A warm welcome awaits in Maloneyville.

At the REI Marina with Brian, getting ready for our presentation.

Cheyenne announces the presentation at REI Berkeley:

Cheyenne does the announcements at the REI presentations.

On the morning show with Brent and Debbie of KZST in Santa Rosa, California.

Booksigning at Vintage Towers in Cloverdale with friends, cake and drinks.

Taking Yeller into REI Santa Rosa.

Getting ready for pooltime at Maloneyville.

We meet again: Dianna of Safari West, Brent of KZST and Art Ibletto aka Pasta King. We're at the Farmers Market in Rohnert Park. A lot of festivities for everyone to enjoy with life music!

What kids like most: riding bikes.

Cheyenne earned the Pool Privilege cake! They're all pitching in to help.

How fitting. In more ways then one.

Racing bikes in Maloneyville:

Thanks Susan!

Gus the Bus and Old Blue. A fine old couple.

Honorary spoke bracelets from Bruce.

Finding Waldo in Lafayette, CA.

Great hospitality in Corte Madera with Kia, David and Lucy.

What better to bring to the booksigning of "A Pedouin Life, Stop and Smell the Artichokes", then artichokes?

Thanks for a great experience Len and Louiselle!

Finally put a face to the name of the Pink Lady!

Louiselle, Len and granddaughter Sadie come for a ride. Sadie is the youngest passenger on Yeller, ever!

Voor Pake en Beppe, Van Jasmine:

We've found the best in-house playground ever in Mountain View. The girls decide that this house is even better then our house in Kentucky! Thanks John & September! Thanks for sharing your around the world journey with us. To find out more about their journey, ceck out their website: 360 Degrees Longitude and find out how to plan your around the world trip!

What a great addition to the great outdoors!

Old Blue and the fields of artichokes.

The sun sets over the Pacific.

We're camping at the Carpinteria State Beach.


Run Robin Run!

We easily connect with this home shooling group from California.

Robin the butterfly.

At the Nutbelly in Carpinteria we find this quint on the wall!

With Harry in Ventura.

Climbing a huge sand dune on the California coast.

Time to prove the cardboard theory.

Make sure you catch us Bill!... Well, that was if the theory proved correct. Sliding down a sand dune with cardboard? It definitely doesn't work.

Rednecks back in Malibu.

Emmett is not only a poet, he's also a man that makes things happen. He built this retaining wall brick by brick over a period of 15 years. And that is only one of his many projects. At 90 years old he still has a big bucket list.

Emmett is honoring us by signing our book at the Foreword.

We're spending the evening with Mike&Suzanne in Pacific Palisades.

Sydney and Jasmine enjoy castle time together.

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